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07/16/2013 Acquisition Coverage
07/15/2013 Lean Domain Search Acquired by Automattic
05/16/2013 An Inside Look at Lean Domain Search's Brandable Domain Name Generation Algorithm
05/13/2013 Improving Lean Domain Search's Trending Topics Section
04/10/2013 Get a Free Naming Consultation When You Sign Up for a Lean Domain Search Account
04/09/2013 Lean Domain Search's Brandable Domain Names Section Surpasses 50 Registered Domain Names
04/01/2013 Lean Domain Search and the Coming Change in Domain Name Search
03/26/2013 Introducing Lean Domain Search's New Brandable Domain Names Section
03/05/2013 On the Performance of Premium Domain Names on Lean Domain Search
02/11/2013 Why were 98 domain names beginning with LEVI-S registered in China on January 29th?
01/31/2013 A New Server Brings Faster Search Results
01/28/2013 Introducing Domain Name Trends, a new tool by Lean Domain Search
12/18/2012 Is the Tech Community's Preference for Namecheap a Sign of Things to Come?
12/13/2012 20% Of The Queries on Lean Domain Search Account for 77% of The Searches
12/12/2012 25% of All New Queries on Lean Domain Search Have Never Been Searched For Before
12/07/2012 NameCheap is More Popular Than GoDaddy Among HackerNews Users
12/06/2012 Orlando Has More Domain Names Per Capita Than Any Other Major US City
12/05/2012 Using Domain Name Registrations To Determine What Businesses a City Needs
11/29/2012 One in Seven Registered .NET Domain Names Have an Unregistered .COM
11/26/2012 Lean Domain Search Partners with Sedo to Help You Find the Perfect Domain Name
11/16/2012 Available "Black Friday" Domain Names
11/15/2012 New Registrar: NameTerrific
11/15/2012 Lean Domain Search Upgrade Price Reduced to $24
10/12/2012 Improving the Search Result Formatting
10/09/2012 Pricing Updates
10/04/2012 How to Extract Domain Names from VeriSign's .COM Zone File
10/03/2012 Shaun Gilchrist on Naming His jQuery Plugin "Bling"
10/03/2012 How to Get Access to the Official VeriSign .COM Zone File
10/01/2012 Lean Domain Search Launches New Business Name Generator
09/01/2012 Release: User Accounts, Design Updates
08/23/2012 Lean Domain Search Now Lets You Check the Availability of Any Domain Name Without Leaving the Search Results
07/15/2012 Lean Domain Search Six Months After Its HackerNews Launch
06/16/2012 Lean Domain Search Now Automatically Checks Whether Domain Names Are Trademarked
06/15/2012 Lean Domain Search Now Automatically Checks a Domain Name's Twitter Availability
06/08/2012 Lean Domain Search Adds 450 New Search Results; Now Checks 2,500 Domain Names Per Search
05/21/2012 The Lean Domain Search Guide to Picking a Domain Name For Your Startup
05/14/2012 The 10,000 Most Popular Topics on the Internet By Domain Count
05/01/2012 Domainblob: A Ruby-based Domain Search Script
04/29/2012 Improving the Lean Domain Search History List for Power Users
04/25/2012 Fifty Popular New Prefixes and Suffixes Added to Lean Domain Search
04/24/2012 Lean Domain Search Gets a Blog

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