15 Nov2012

Lean Domain Search Upgrade Price Reduced to $24

Posted by Matt Mazur (@mhmazur)

I'm happy to announce that it now only costs $24 to upgrade to a premium Lean Domain Search account so that you can view the full set of available search results.

Previously there were two plans: $79 once and $199 per year. A number of people contacted me and said "Hey, I'd love to sign up, but the $79 is still a bit high. Can you do any better?"

The new pricing scheme eliminates the $79 once plan and replaces it with a $24 per month plan. For many of who have been eager to upgrade but hesitant to pay $79, this will save you a bit of money as long as you cancel your subscription within the first three months. If you'd like to use Lean Domain Search longer than that you can maintain your subscription for as long as you'd like. If you know up front that you're going to use Lean Domain Search for a while you can sign up for the $199 per year plan and save yourself about 30% over the course of a year.

To upgrade, check out our Plans and Pricing page.

As always, don't hesitate to drop me a note if you have any questions.

Matt Mazur
matt@leandomainsearch.com | @mhmazur

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