28 Jan2013

Introducing Domain Name Trends, a new tool by Lean Domain Search

Posted by Matt Mazur (@mhmazur)

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we've just launched Domain Name Trends, a new tool that lets you visualize .com registration trends for any topic.

You can check it out yourself using the new "Trends" link at the top of the page or by clicking here: Domain Name Trends.

What it is and how it works

The new Domain Name Trends tool lets you type in a word or phrase that you want to identify trends for. It can include letters, numbers, or dashes and must be at least four characters long (the results for one, two, and three letter searches tend to be meaningless because so many domain names include those characters). If you're not sure what to search for you can click on one of the examples below the search box:

Lean Domain Search will then search every .com domain name registered since January 2012 and show you which of those contain your search term along with a chart showing those registrations over time (click to view full size):

3d Printing, it seems, is a topic that has been steadily growing in popularity which should come as no surprise as its been in the news a lot the last year.

There are a few things you can do from here:

  • Change the resolution from weeks, the default resolution, to days or months.
  • Click on a point in the graph to view the domains names registered during that time period.
  • Browse the list of domain names containing your search term below the chart.
  • View or add a comment about this trend using the "Add Comment" link above the chart.
  • Download a CSV of the recently registered domain names containing that term.
  • Click on one of the domain names in the list to view the WHOIS data for it. You'll also find a link here to visit the actual site.
  • Nominate that this search term be included in our examples list (only visible for terms that aren't already included).
  • Perform a new search or click on one of the examples to view other interesting trends.

Hot topics

In addition to performing your own searches you might also be interested to know what topics other people have been registering domain names for. Our Domain Name Registration Trend reports, which you can find links to on the left hand side of the search results page, does just that. It analyzes all of the .com domain names registered on a particular day and attempts to identify topics that a lot of people registered domain names for.

Here are the results for Sunday, January 27, 2013:

It seems that someone has been registering a lot of domain names containing the term Wedding Experience as well as… Turkey. Why turkey? Who knows. You can explore the WHOIS data and come to your own conclusions. Leave a comment on the trend results page for turkey if you figure it out :)

We've got a lot more planned for this tool and we'd love get your feedback as well. You can reach us at support@leandomainsearch.com.

Matt Mazur
Founder, Lean Domain Search

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