31 Jan2013

A New Server Brings Faster Search Results

Posted by Matt Mazur (@mhmazur)

In the past whenever you performed a search on our Domain Name Generator Lean Domain Search would forward your query to a GoDaddy shared server which would process it and then return the results (the available domain names) back in order to display to you. This setup worked pretty well but GoDaddy's shared servers are not the fastest thing out there because they're shared (hence the name) by lots of users.

In order to build Lean Domain Search's new Domain Name Trends tool I had to set up a new dedicated server because GoDaddy's shared server didn't have the capabilities I needed to run the trend analysis scripts on a daily basis. After a bit of research I settled on VolumeDrive which provides a 64-bit Ubuntu server with 4 GB of RAM and 2 IP addresses for only $39.95/month (plus $45 once for a 1 TB hard drive upgrade).

After launching the trend analysis tool on Monday I decided to transition the domain name generator processes off of the GoDaddy shared server and onto the VolumeDrive trend analysis server. That transition process is now complete which for you means that when you perform a new never-before-seen search on our Domain Name Generator it should be noticeably faster than it was in the past.

On my end it means things are a bit simpler because I can canceled the shared server and cancel the dedicated IP address I had associated with it which saves me money and lets me focus my efforts on improving the performance of one less server.

Celebrate small wins :)

Welcome to Lean Domain Search, a fast new domain name generator.

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