10 Apr2013

Get a Free Naming Consultation When You Sign Up for a Lean Domain Search Account

Posted by Matt Mazur (@mhmazur)

Chances are that if you've ever built a website, you know how hard it can be to find the right domain name. Not only do you have to come up with a name that suits its purpose, but it also has to be available for you to register or buy. It's easy to see why some organizations spend weeks and tens of thousands of dollars coming up with the perfect name.

For many of you, Lean Domain Search's domain name generator will be all you need to find the perfect domain name for your next website. For others, a one-on-one approach with someone who has experience naming websites might be more helpful. For example, maybe you just can't find a name you like no matter how hard you search. Or maybe you have found several good names but can't decide on a specific one. This can be incredibly frustrating and if you have no one to ask you might wind up second-guessing your decision.

In an effort to better serve those of you struggling to find a domain name, I'm now offering a free one hour consultation to anyone who signs up for a Lean Domain Search account.

There are two paid accounts that you can sign up for: $79 for two months of access or $199 for yearly access. This offer is open to anyone who signs up for either of these plans and is retroactive so if you signed up in the past you can still take advantage of it.

If you'd like help naming your website, simply sign up for an account and then shoot an email to matt@leandomainsearch.com. The consultations are completely confidential so I'll never share any details about your product or company without your permission.


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