Lean Domain Search Testimonials

The Next Web: Before naming your startup, read this.
“First, enter your keywords into Lean Domain Search to see if there are any quality word combinations available for registration.”
Cyrus Shepard: How to Hack a Dominating Domain Name for Your Website
“Dead simple, fast and intuitive. Helps you quickly find names you never would have considered.”
Fee Fighters: How To Find The Perfect Domain For Your Startup
“If you’ve come up with a few words that work well with your product, but need a little bit more help combining words to come up with a good domain, make sure to check out Lean Domain Search. Lean Domain Search is a new tool that finds available .com domains with specific key words. It is actually pretty addicting if you’re as obsessed with looking for domains as I am. You’ll be surprised by how many cool .com domains are still available.”
Alexis Ohanian, Cofounder of Reddit
“OK, this is pretty freaking useful for finding domains: Lean Domain Search”
Adam Justice: "Tools You Didn’t Know about, but Desperately Need"
“I use a wide variety of applications to hunt for open domain names. I use the domain name checker on both the Go Daddy and Yahoo! small business websites for their unique advantages, and a few other proprietary tools that help me get the best domains on the market. One of the most valuable tools is the Lean Domain Search, which finds available domains with the keywords you’re targeting. It’s almost impossible to find relevant domains that aren’t a mile long or are made up of alternate spellings (a terrible waste of money unless you’re branding that alternate spelling), but the Lean Domain Search engine finds an available domain that will fit your needs in almost every instance.”
Nathan Barry, Experience Designer
“I used Lean Domain Search after getting stuck coming up with a domain name. It revealed created 4-5 options that I would be happy with. Thanks for creating the service!”
Startups For the Rest of Us: 85 Free And Low Cost Solutions for Building Your Business
“There’s Lean Domain Search and that one — the person who wrote that was actually at MicroConf this year. He built Lean Domain Search just to help him find his own domains for products that he was looking at and then ended up putting it out there and it’s also a real great tool. You plug in a couple of keywords and it will split back, you know, a list of hundreds and hundreds of domain names which are available that you could then purchase.”
Domain Name Wire: "New domain search to find available domains…fast"
“I tried out multiple searches on the site and was impressed with the results. This tool is very fast, returning results in just a few seconds. More importantly, it returned domain suggestions that are actually worth registering.”
Rand Fishkin, CEO and Co-founder of SEOmoz
“Tools for Inbound Marketing: Presentation from Searchfest 2012: How to find a good domain name.”
DNForum: The Fastest Bulk Domain Name Search in the World is Now Even Faster
“LeanDomainSearch.com is one of the most closely guarded secrets among domainers and startup founders alike – a lightning fast bulk domain search tool that checks thousands of two word domain combinations within seconds for availability”
Nick Jordan
“Best tool to come up with domain names ever!”
Bill Eisenmann, Founder of AvailableDomainNames.com
“I was very impressed with the quality of domains it returned… many nice, short brandables were available.”
Natasha Montevecchi
“Wow, this is the most useful startup I've seen in a while”
Natty Ackerman
“This is exactly what I need. I have been having difficulty looking for viable domain names that contain good keywords and that I can use as a business name as well. Great help!”
Bill Gross, Founder of Idealab & UberMedia
“This is a very neat way to get ideas for available domain names. I bet not too many people have this problem as I do – coming up with a good available domain name – but if you do, this site is very clever. You type in a word you are looking for, and it tests 1,000's of names and shows you the ones that are available. Very cool.”
Adarsh Pallian
“Lean Domain Search is awesome. I may have just bought a few domain names I didn't know I wanted”
“Wow, that's very, very good. Can't think of the hours this could have already saved me.”
James Robert
“Lean Domain Search is SO much better than Nameboy (and ∞% better than GoDaddy search ;)”
Jason Shen
“Lean Domain Search — amazingly fast & creative way to find good domains.”
Domainsville: Find Descriptive & Brandable Domains Available for Registration with LeanDomainSearch.com
“A great new domain search tool at LeanDomainSearch.com was recently launched by web developer Matt Mazur. The tool pairs your search term with thousands of keywords and instantly shows you domains available for registration. The tool allows you to toggle between having the search term at the start or the end of the generated domain name. An option to include results from both is also possible. I thought to try it out so I ran a quick test on a few keywords related to geo, product, and industry/community based generics. The tool searches for the availability of .com‘s only. The results on many of my input keywords were great. It helps you brainstorm a product/service name while considering the availability of the matching .com domain name. There is also an option to copy the results to export for your own use.”
“I visited your site while you were on HN front page and found myself a great domain name on my very first search, which I promptly bought soon thereafter for a small wordsolving engine I’d been developing for the past few days. Thanks!”
“Dude… this is amazing. Seriously, great job.”
Jeremy Frazao, Director of Engineering for TechStars
“Lean Domain Search is the best tool I've seen yet for finding great URLs”
“I'm sorry but this is freaking awesome.”
“Lean Domain Search has now become a staple of my domain research process. I haven't bought any domains through it yet, as I mostly just use it for research/to see what's out there, but I really like the results I get back and the overall feel. It just seems to give me the best idea on domains available for the concept I'm looking at, while requiring minimal creativity/shuffling on my part.”
“Found exactly what I needed in < 1 minute. Thanks for passing on the awesomeness.”
Al Abut
“Holy cow, Lean Domain Search is awesome, it kicks Instant Domain Search's ass. I found a bunch of domains for my Bootstrap project.”
“You might try Lean Domain Search, it was just featured on Hacker News the other day and seems to work better than most domain finders.”
Yuri Ramos, MobGeek Co-founder
“Best tool of this kind ever!”
Alex Shapiro, Founder of Amusemi
“Holy Crap. Lean Domain Search is the best domain name search ever.”
Workflowy, Organize Your Brain
“Love Lean Domain Search!”
Alison Johnston
“I wish I'd had this 3 months ago”
Dan Nguyen
“If you're trying to build a new website/brand, Lean Domain Search is the bees knees”
Jonathan Morris
“Wow, a domain name finding tool that actually works – Watch out Name Boy!”
Cedric Dugas
“Lean Domain Search just help me a lot finding a good domain name”
“It's inspiring, actually, to see all the choices and it's sparking some interesting ideas over here”
“Thanks for the tip, tried it out right away. Wish I had it a year ago. Bookmarked for future use and to share.”
Nick O'Neill
“Yikes! Have been searching domains all morning with Lean Domain Search”
“Thanks so much! I have had this problem before!”
“Fantastic! Thanks for the share one place domain availability cool :) Superb!”
Nathaniel Hoag
“Nice domain search tool. Much preferable to the agony of manual search.”
“Lean Domain Search, where have you been all my life?”
Lousiana Gurl
“Great tool My nickname growing up was Miggy and so I thought that's what I'd put in… who would think there would be 1,000 sites with "Miggy" in them?! Wow… They've thought of everything haven't they? Guess thats why when something is so fresh and new, we all jump on it?”
Marque Joosten
“This really saved me hours of frustration and came up with awesome new ideas and angles!”
“No, I bet this is a more common problem than you think… sadly, it seems too many folks just give up and pick a crummy name, likely a huge mistake!!”
Jay Neely
“Awesome new domain name suggestion tool”
Tres Maries
“Looking for a domain name? Gotta check this search out. The best I've seen.”
Brian R.
“Most domain spinners are horrible but this one actually looks decent.”
“That's a nice creator. Looks like it comes up with real words in addition to the query. Definitely something to check out.”
Jay Neeley, Building a Business in 54 Hours – Boston Startup Weekend Recap
“What would we name this thing? I pointed Sergio to LeanDomainSearch and a number of good potential names I’d found through it, and in the morning he came back with SubBids.”
“This is really great!”
Tro Shi
“I got a shitton of results!”
“I'm surprised at how quick this tool is. Very good!”
“I found some pretty leet domains.”
“A few weeks ago I was trying to find something like this and couldn't, so I was going to build it… but this is fast and perfect.”
“Best domain name brainstormer I've seen, yet.”
Jayson Elliot
“The execution is simple and easy to use.”
Kenny R
“I really like it. This proves there's still an immense number of viable domain names out there for startups.”
Eduardo DM
“Very cool. Bookmarked.”
“Great job and super fast results.”
“Nice tool, I was looking for something like this a few weeks ago and most didn't "just work".”
Joshua Hedlund
“Overall, nice execution. I tested a couple nouns and I could definitely see myself using this in the feature.”
Josh Fraser
“Warning: this site is dangerous for anyone with the propensity to buy domains they don't need, but are too good to pass over.”
Justin Vincent
“Very impressed by the speed.”
OverwhelmingTraffic.com: Introducing the Newest Domain Finding Tool
“This is the perfect tool that will get the best keyword domains available. Considering that this tool gives out results in just a matter of seconds, the results given are pretty accurate. It shows domains that are very relevant to what you’re looking for. This tool could really help you save a lot of time in searching for good domains.”
Sathish Manohar
“This is awesome”
“It works fast and very user-friendly for me”
Cyrus Shephard, Director of Marketing for PlaceFull Inc. Former SEO for SEOmoz
“If you want to knock it out of the ballpark, take a look at Lean Domain Search. They created a super cool domain search tool that I love to use, and they get an affiliate commission on each referred registration.”
“It looks great, it's fast, and the keyword combinations for my query were excellent.”
“Just what I needed, thank you!”
“Freakin awesome tool.”
“First tool in a while worthy of a bookmark! Looking forward to picking my next domain name for a change.”
Casual Insider
“If you suck at coming up with ideas and your obvious keyword is taken then use something like Lean Domain Search”
“I recommend trying some domain searches like Lean Domain Search to see if you can find something else that sounds "perfect" first. I have found that just thinking about names for several hours will give me maybe one name that i think is AMAZING, only to find out it's not available. Sites like Lean Domain Search are great because they give you a ton of domains that are actually available. I have found several sites that I thought were better than what I was coming up with there – and they were available!”
“Holy Balls that comes back with some quick results. Thanks man, I can definitely see a lot of use for this in the future!”
“This rules! Saving so much time, thank you for the post!”
“I just checked out lean domain search, it actually looks pretty handy. I like how fast it is at generating domain names and checking for availability.”
“Lean Domain Search (http://leandomainsearch.com) is an awesome, brand new tool that helps you come up with Web 2.0 Style domain names, most are quite good!”
David Hornstein, Founder + CEO StylePath Inc
“Great job! I have previously spent many horrible hours on this task. Many surprisingly usable names came up in your search. Thanks!”
App Appeal: Search for Available Web Domains
“LeanDomainSearch is an application that helps users discover the perfect domain for a website. It offers a fast and easy way for users to input some keywords into the search field. From there a massive list of recommended variations of the keywords is generated. The lists are color coded so users can easily spot out the available versions of their perfect keyword combination. Additional filters are available on the site so users can specify what word they want their domain to start or end with, along with the ability to save possibilities to a clipboard, sort by the length of the domain or sort the results in alphabetical order. The search for domains on LeanDomainSearch is incredibly fast and a very effective way for people to discover the perfect website for their project.”
Tim Fletcher, British web developer
“I discovered Lean Domain Search recently which seems to be pretty useful.”
William Lannen, Managing Director of Think Productivity
“Good day. MVP complete and found a .com on Lean Domain Search”
Peter Serven, Web Design, SEO, and Wordpress Customization
“I'm really liking Lean Domain Search for domain name ideas!”
Mahdi Yusuf, Software Engineer, Curator of Pycoders
“Dude, Lean Domain Search is making my day so much easier right now”
“Wow, this is an amazing service! Somehow I missed this the first time it was posted, but I'll definitely use this for all my domain hunting in the future.”
“This is pretty epic; thanks for making it!”
“This is a great service. I've already registered a domain using it, and will do some more today. Congrats!”
“Excellent timing! I just spent my last 2 hours searching for a name and 2 minutes after clicking your site, I found one and bought it. Thank you”
Twelve Digits
“Since I always want my app name to match the .com, I rely on this site. Keep up the great work.”
Web Bruce
“This is absolutely awesome. I've had it bookmarked since I first saw it.”
“Lean Domain Search is really cool.”
Hafiz Rahman
“Lean Domain Search is a nice tool to search available domain name ideas.”
Heather Payne, Founders, Ladies Learning Code
“So. Many. Good. Domains.”
Alex Clemesha
“Truly useful for finding available (higher quality) domains: Lean Domain Search”
“Untapped tech startup name potential.”
Sunny Basi
“Must resist the urge of buying domain names: Lean Domain Search”
S. Depierrpont
“Un service intéressant si vous cherchez des noms de domaine: Lean Domain Search”
Manu Sporny, Founder, CEO of Digital Bazaar
“New site does a pretty awesome job of finding good, available domain names: Lean Domain Search”
Harm Aarts
“I love this site: Lean Domain Search”
Josh Nielson
“This site might be the end of me. Too easy to find good domain names!”
Ruchira Sahan: Ultra fast way to search for domains or names
“If you are in domain hunt or searching for a new name for your startup you might find searching for domains in the regular way is hard. And you might probably get tired by searching because of the enormous amount of .com s already registered. To overcome the issue there are many domain search tools which search for available domains for your keywords. But Lean Domain Search deserves the top spot on this category.”
Jeffrey Rice: Domain Name Registration Guidelines
“A very helpful resource for finding short domains: Lean Domain Search”
Gagandeep Singh
“Great tool for domain search.”
Michael Schaecher, Marketing Manager at Airbnb
“Have you seen Lean Domain Search? I swooped a bunch of domains the other weekend playing with it.”
Andrew Saladino
“Need help thinking of a domain name? This is probably the coolest tool you'll ever use.”
Colin Davis
“I really like Lean Domain Search, it's a great way to examine names near what you're thinking.”
“Lean Domain Search is amazing, that's why I repeat it for my followers.”
Domain Name Wire: Fascinating: top domain prefixes and suffixes
“Lean Domain Search has analyzed the top prefixes and suffixes to domain names. Using a methodology that covered over 50 million domain names, the site compiled a list of the top 5,000 prefixes and suffixes.”
Puranjay, Writer at DNFBlog
“I’ve spoken to Matt Mazur of Lean Domain Search before. He’s a very smart guy running a very smart and popular service, especially among startup founders. You just need to follow his comments and posts on Hacker News to see that he really understands domains”
David S, ExperiencedPeople.net
“I can't tell you the number of times over the last several years I have scratched my head trying to thing of something to add to a URL that made sense. You can always come up with something but it is important to come up with the right something. I've resorted to browsing a thesaurus on more than one occasion. This list will really help.”
“I want more tools like this.”
Jack Kaufman, Founder of Skimling
“If you haven't tried out Lean Domain Search yet when looking for a domain, I highly recommend it. There isn't a better domain search tool.”
Domain Pulse: The Top Domain Name Suffixes And Prefixes Are…
“Lean Domain Search has conducted a survey of the most frequently used domain named prefixes and suffixes.”
Kate Hutchinson, United Domains
“I've found other name-suggestion sites before, but I think yours is definitely the most comprehensive.”
Andy Stephenson, Creator of Raise A Tree
“Just found about Lean Domain Search – buying domain names will never be the same!”
Kamo Asatryan
“Lean Domain Search: an awesome domain tool!”
Mark McKenzie
“Lean Domain Search is by far the best service for finding domains! Or even brainstorming domain ideas!”
Michael Xander
“Finding an available domain name is always a mess, but there's a new service for that: Lean Domain Search”
Domisfera: Prefijos y sufijos comunes en dominios .com
“LeanDomainSearch ha realizado una serie de peticiones a la zona raiz de los dominios .com para saber cuáles son los prefijos y sufijos más frecuentes. Ofrece una lista con los 5.000 más frecuentes entre los que ha buscado sobre un total de 50.076.498 de dominios .com analizados, aproximadamente la mitad de los que hay…”
Flippa.com: A Domain By Any Other Name
“Domain names are mostly irrelevant. Wait, no, they’re actually very important, so you should think long and hard before naming your company. Didn’t get the name you wanted? That’s okay, you might still be able to buy one of the most-used 5000 prefixes and suffixes for your domain.”
Joshua Cole, Debuggle Founder
“Wow, Lean Domain Search is actually pretty awesome.”
“Love what you've done with Lean Domain Search.”
Coty Beasley, Owner of Beacreaco and Brand Your Startup
“The domain searching tool you've waited your life for: Lean Domain Search”
“I want to say, GREAT WORK on LeanDomainSearch, I love your site! Its really a great resource.”
“Brilliant, just what I needed, thanks for that, Lean Domain Search bookmarked!”
“Very cool tool that lets you generate numerous ideas from a single keyword and shows you what is available to register.”
Ned Dwyer: Product and Strategy at Native Digital
“Pretty into "Lean Domain Search" for finding new domain names.”
Cамые популярные элементы доменных имен
“Предметом изучения стало более 50 миллионов доменных имен в зоне .COM. Исходя из того, какие слова входят в состав доменного имени, был составлен список самых популярных приставок и суффиксов, т.е. элементов, которые располагаются соответственно в начале и в конце доменного имени. Также был проведен анализ тематики вебсайтов на основе состава доменных имен.”
LeanDomainSearch провели исследование состава доменных имен
“Предметом изучения стало более 50 миллионов доменных имен в зоне .COM. Исходя из того, какие слова входят в состав доменного имени, был составлен список самых популярных приставок и суффиксов, т.е. элементов, которые располагаются соответственно в начале и в конце доменного имени. Для более точного определения второстепенных элементов LeanDomainSearch задавали поиск по 1000 самым частым запросам клиентов, которые хотели подобрать себе доменное имя. Эти запросы принимались за корень доменного имени, к которому присоединяются приставки и суффиксы.”
Jake Neely, Social Media Manager at West Host
“My new favorite way to find domain names: Lean Domain Search”
“A smart domain name is the one which easily defines the type products your store have, which eventually helps the users in searching your store. So, select the appropriate and clear domain name relating to your business. You can use a tool LeanDomainSearch to get suggestions related to domain name you can select. For example, a store owner selling shoes can select domain name based on his business. Like shoesforyou.com, shoesfashion.co.in etc.”
Hybrid Domainer: The 10,000 Most Popular Topics On The Internet (by domain count)
“Matt Mazur is a software developer who runs a site called LeanDomainSearch.com. He posted a sample on Namepros of his latest analysis of the .com zone file….”
“Just want to let you know I've been using Lean Domain Search a ton since finding this article. Thanks for the great tool.”
Что важно помнить, выбирая название для стартапа (часть вторая)
“Прогоните ключевые слова через генератор: В этом вам поможет LeanDomainSearch.com и Domai.nr а также Wordoid.com. С их помощью можно отобрать наиболее удачные словосочетания, выбрать уникальные комбинации и проверить, не зарегистрированы ли уже такие домены.”
Ben Sharpe, Ruby on Rails Developer, Entrepreneur
“Just used Lean Domain Search to find a great name for a side project thx!”
Media Wizard
“In case you guys haven't tried it out yet, Lean Domain Search is a new domain name finder, check it out!”
Amit Klein, Cofounder of StartupGiraffe.com
“How did people look for .coms before Lean Domain Search?”
Les 5 meilleurs générateurs de noms de domaine ou de marques
“Lean Domain Search est un générateur qui se démarque des autres dans la mesure où l’algorithme nous donne directement les noms de domaines toujours disponibles. J’apprécie beaucoup cet outil car les résultats sont particulièrement tendances. Veuillez cependant noter que les noms générés sont anglophones.”
“That is one smart, very nice proggy you have created, very well done.”
“This tool is worth it!”
Eliza Brock of Eliza Brock Software
“Lean Domain Search is the best I've seen!”
Kyle Hart, computational biologist
“Augmented brainstorming of domain names: Lean Domain Search”
“I want to register at least 85% of these domains, for no really good reason: leandomainsearch.com/search?q=beard”
Nis Paulson, Startup Founder
“Amazing domain search site you put up there! I'll use it from now on.”
“Lean Domain Search is really fast and great for brainstorming domain name ideas.”
Kate Hutchinson, Domain Registrar Marketing Manager
“There are a lot of different words to append to the end, like "online" or "group." Lean Domain Search has put together a survey of the most commonly used suffix and prefix words, which seems like a great tool for you in brainstorming a name for your enterprise.”
EntrepreneursUnpluggd: What’s in a Name? A Guide to Naming Startups
“Lean Domain Search is your best friend – Lean Domain Search (LDS) will search for available dot coms depending on what words you search for. You can search specifically where in the domain you’d like the term to appear. Though there are a lot more .co, .net, and many other country codes available, most SEO gurus still recommend going with a .com as having the most value.”
Entrevate: Getting a good domain name isn’t that hard
“Domain Name Tips: Trust me, you can most likely find one. But you need some help. So here is some starting with with what, are for me, the three most useful tools: Similar to Impossibility.org but more useful: Lean Domain Search. Sort by length is really handy.”
Niel de la Rouviere
“I also like Lean Domain Search.”
Tayo Medupin, Cofounder of Startup Crowd
“LOVE Lean Domain Search – not sure i've ever found a domain suggestion tool that's quite as good!”
“I particularly like brand bucket and lean domain search. Both are pretty awesome sites.”
Andrew Nordahl: Get Decent Domain Name Suggestions With Lean Domain Search
“Lean Domain Search is a handy little website to get suggestions for possible domain names based off of a keyword. The suggestions are decent, none of that keyword123.com crap, but totally useable and more importantly available domain names. Finding an available name can be a bit of a pain in the ass but LeanDomainSearch makes it a bit easier.”
Fortune Pick: Best Productivity Tools For Early State Startups
“Lean Domain Search: find a name based on the keyword”
Plasma Cutter – The Official Affiliate Marketing/Make Money Online Thread
“Just wanted to aware brahs that didn't know about http://www.leandomainsearch.com/ – pretty good tool I use from time to time when purchasing domains, you punch in a term and it gives you UN-registered ideas with your term included, pretty useful.”
Miles Matthias, Inspiring Apps
“Lean Domain Search is absolutely incredible. Ah ha!!”
Jason Colantuoni, SEOette
“I'm a huge fan of Lean Domain Search! It's way better than all the others. I've completely stopped using Namestation, Dotomator, and Nameboy since I've found yours.”
Arshad G. Chowdhury, CEO of ClearGears
“If you're ever looking for a domain, you gotta use Lean Domain Search.”
“Still trying to hunt down a domain… these help: Lean Domain Search, Impossibility, DomainTyper”
Eric Normal, entrepreneur
“Working on #startup #names, found this useful tool Lean Domain Search via @mhmazur”
MashGeek: 5 Awesome Domain Name Generators
“Lean Domain Search is a free, simple, user-friendly way to find great available domain names. They do this by pairing your search phrase with other keywords and instantly showing you which are available to register.”
Magdalena Krön
“Do you need help finding a suitable [available] URL for your business? Check out Lean Domain Search”
Andy Murdoch
“LeanDomainSearch remains my number one resource for domain discovery.”
Michael Scott
“Wow first time seeing this site. A very awesome discovery engine indeed.”
Zen Savona
“This is cool – Lean Domain Search”
Wells Riley, Product Designer at Kicksend
“Oh snap, bookmarking this site for later.”
Nik Cubrilovic, entrepreneur, hacker, and writer
“Lean Domain Search sure does help, only problem now is I WANT TO BUY ALL THESE DOMAINS”
Penquinnan, information designer
“This is excellent: Lean Domain Search”
Walter Bellhaven
“I just saw a site referenced on Hacker News that may help you find a new domain and/or brainstorm for new combinations: Lean Domain Search”
Scott Stocker
“Lean Domain Search is incredibly handy if the domain you want is taken.”
Jason Diller, CEO & Founder of Diller Marketing
“Check out Lean Domain Search, a fast new domain search tool leandomainsearch.com thanks @randfish for the heads up.”
John Polacek, web developer and designer
“Love this tool for domain name inspiration: Lean Domain Search”
Israel Victars, Founder of Automation Kit
“Using Lean Domain Searchto find good .com domains. Highly recommend for fellow @SWColumbia teams.”
Web Design Mix
“Thanks a LOT, very useful, I've tried a few similar ones, but Lean Domain Search is very good.”
Chris Lovie-Tyler, blogger
“Wow. If you're stuck for ideas for a domain name, try Lean Domain Search!”
Jeff Pan, performance marketer
“Big fan of Lean Domain Search”
Adam Struve, web developer and affiliate marketer
“I don't pimp this enough: Lean Domain Search”
Sem Metric
“For domain ideas I like Lean Domain Search”
Ricardo Brandao, Diretor Executivo da Agência LinkBiz Marketing Digital
“Lean Domain Search: ache aquele domínio que você tanto queria.”
Evin Revello
“When I get an idea in my head, Lean Domain Search is one of the first places I go for names and domains. Because lets face it, if you cannot secure the top level domain then there is no point in choosing that name. It works by analyzing the most popular domains that already exist for certain recurring words and then performs statistical analysis to provide the highest quality names to be matched to your search term.”
Jean Friesewinkel, engineer, entrepreneur
“Love what you did with Lean Domain Search. Super useful ! Thanks from Paris :)”
Adam on Namepros.com
“Another good domain generator is Lean Domain Search.”
Daily Blog Tips: 9 Ways to Find a Domain Name for Any Site
“Lean Domain Search is a quick way to find available domains containing your target keyword.”
Vinh Nguyen, web developer
“Thank you, Lean Domain Search is very helpful!”
Jake Lodwick, software developer
“I love Lean Domain Search”
“Lean Domain Search: The best domain search tool I've used”
How to Money At Home: Ways to Find a Domain Name
“You can start looking for domain name at Lean Domain Search. You can browse a limited selection of search results for free and may upgrade to a paid version if you need to search more. What so special about this website is that it helps you find domain names that contains your keywords easily. So, if you just use the free version, you will get 270 domains containing your keywords.”
Lean Domain Search: Best Domain Name Generator
“Introducing Lean Domain Search, an instant domain name checker that finds an available domain name by automatically running a huge list of no-nonsense prefixes to your seed keyword. This tool allows you to generate thousands of domain names by typing in word or phrase and shows you the resulting list of available domains to be registered through your favorite domain registrar….”
Simon Holmes, web developer
“Trying out Lean Domain Search, pretty neat for generating ideas”
Daniel OConner, founder Warpit
“If you are looking for a kickass domain name check out Lean Domain Search.”
Naushad Shaikh, Founder of MuMarco
“Lean Domain Search has another use case: suggestions on new names for business. The brainstorming is done!”
Ron Diver
“My new domain prospecting tool: Lean Domain Search”
Yolanda Padilla
“Right now, I'm using Lean Domain Search to try to find a good domain that's not registered on Lean Domain Search”
Chad Fullerton, Founder of Fullerton Media
“Not sure what you want your website name to be? Check out Lean Domain Search, a great domain search tool.”
Brad Batt
“Totally love Lean Domain Search — awesome tool to help brainstorm domain names.”
Lingbo Li
“I am so impressed! I've had this problem so many times, and your tool, with its focus on .com's, is the tool I always wish I had. Thank you!”
Trevin Shirey
“Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say kudos for making such a killer product with Lean Domain Search! I do marketing and consulting with hundreds of websites and you are always the first place I recommended to everybody when it comes to finding new domain names. It's simple to use and always unearths domains that our clients expect to pay 1000s for. I've used Lean Domain Search to find domains for a bunch of my side projects too. Kudos on making something truly great!”
Greg Sadetsky
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Singing Dogs
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“13 sites pour vous aider à trouver un nom de domaine qui roxxe du poney”
10 Useful Domain Name Generator Tools for Picking Your Best Domain Name
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Ultralight Startups: Name A Startup
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Newsgeek: Naming a New Product or Startup
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WlfWord: A tool to help startups design marketing sites.
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5 Great Tools for Domain Name Searches
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4 Awesome Tools to find the Perfect Domain Name
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How To Pick The Perfect Name For Your Business or Startup
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The Best Blog and Domain Name Generators
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UsersThink: Naming Your Idea (no hair pulling required)
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15 Best Domain Name Generators
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13 Best Domain Name Generators
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